jeudi 26 août 2010

Copyright and respect

Today, I'm little bit disappointed. I was in a blog of a member and well SURPRISE, in the link of the other blog, I discover a photo ... MY photo that I take in MY garden. It's a macrophoto of a ladybug that I post on my blog in mars.
The person of this blog didn't know. She received this photo via another blog. I spoke with her and she removed it, thank you.

Well, I follow the link and I discover the famous blog with my photo, no link of course.

I'm angry against these persons who appropriate photos of other. They come on my blog, don't leave a comment and save my pictures. Now I find it everywhere on several blog, as if it wasn't of me.
Just copyright and I hate that ! If you read completely my blog, you will see that my creations and my photos are protected by the law.

Please, listen, I share my passion on this blog (minis, macrophotos, personnal details) and I think that if somebody want to use the pictures of my work, the link, the idea or other, it's good thing because you like that I make but first ask me and put a link.

It's not just Google pictures ! I'm a personn and it's a work of long hours, a lot of patience, fellings and the pride of my creations, and using photos of the other members without their agreement, it's not respectful.

You are artist like me, well don't forget 

Thanks and have a nice day

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  1. Marie, you are perfectly right! something similar happened to me last year and I solved it with the person involved. But it has not been painless or easy. Talk to the one who took the pic first and then to the others, it's the best way. Mini hugs Rosanna

  2. Dear Marie, sometimes we act lightly, without thinking of someone cause any damages or hurt his feelings... I noticed that this happens often to people not quite expert, who may act in this way for too much enthusiasm ...
    However, Your photo is wonderful and I did not know you have taken it if it were not for this incident (I will follow you recently, and I had little time to read all the old post) :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  3. marie hello good morning, is the first time this happened to me with a pretty picture, but I wanted to tell you various things, your friend Nati in question is my friend, tanbien and it was she who gave me these two beautiful, pictures of ladybug, she used for her story, I never asked him to gave me these, photos and wholeheartedly ask you a thousand pardons if you bothered that he should put those photos, I'm just coming to my blog and a greeting retirement Smurf, I hope you can forgive me someday

  4. Maria soy Nati, ya he retirado la foto de mi blog y les he mandado un mensaje a mis seguidores que las retiren de sus blog.
    Pensé que era una foto de googel, nunca hubiese pensado que se tratara de tu jardin, siento mucho las molestias que te he podido ocasionar, pero me gusto mucho y por eso la cojí sin pensar, lo siento.
    Es cierto tus trabajos me parecen impresionantes, te deseo lo mejor y que sigas cosechando mucha admiración y seguidores.
    Un beso Nati.

  5. Rosanna and Flora, thank you for your help and your support.
    Pitufa and Nati I know that it was a misunderstanding, I was sad when I discovered my photos, but I know that it wasn't voluntary and that you don't want to hurt me. I'm proud that you appreciate my work, it's a pleasure to share that with all my followers. You can use my photos but simply, say me, that would be kind.
    I don't want to stay angry with you, I would to apologise for embarrassment and to thank you for your comprehension.


  6. Have you obtained copyright permission to use the flower fairy images you post frequently?

    Have you given the artist who created those images credit on your blog?

    Have you posted links to the place where you obtained those images?

    How do you expect others to respect your copyright when you don't respect other's copyrights?

    Why complain when you are guilty of the very same actions?

  7. Dear Anonyme,

    No presentation, no name but a lot of questions, well done.

    Yes it's true, I don't have copyright permission to use the Flower Fairies illustrations of Cicely Mary Baker.

    Sadly, I could'nt have agreement of this wonderful and regretted artist. And no, I didn't ask on the official website to use the pictures on my blog and no I didn't post the link of the site. I'm totally wrong and guilty.

    Now a question : Have you got a blog where you share your passion and your work ?

    If yes, do you completely honorable to come on my blog, leave a message without name and judge me on a fact which you have no knowledge ? Never post a public picture of google without link ? and never irritated that somebody use your work ? Congratulation, I'm going to take example on you.

    If no, maybe it's difficult to understand my problem and that of the other followers. When I put a picture of the Flower Fairies, people know that it's not my drawings. The illustrations are signed by the artist. I don't modify them, don't appropriate them, don't use them for a competition. These drawing are known and recognized all over the world. Me, I'm not famous, I'm a miniaturist and I'm a photograph. I'm happy to post my work, my photos are anonymous and personal. Well I don't speak about laws or copyright because I'm not perfect, but just respect. I don't share personal pictures of other followers or people as if it was mine.

    In conclusion, I believe that we learn every day, of everybody. And I like blogger community for this sharing and this exchange of ideas.
    I'm an idealist I believe in the communication and in the respect of others.

    Well thank you for your message, I'll post the links for the images of Flower Fairies to respect my favourite artist and my own wishes.

    Have a nice day,



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